Announcing Justina X Ruggable! | Justina Blakeney

Hello friends! I’m *so* excited to share our latest collection with you today — it’s Justina X Ruggable and it’s jam-packed with color, pattern, and personality — just like I like it!

Working with Ruggable on this collaboration has been very dreamy. I’ve always believed that color is the ultimate mood booster, and it’s something I’m passionate about infusing into every aspect of my life. With this collection, I wanted to bring that same joy into your homes. Not only do these rugs look *so* vibrant, but the washable aspect makes them incredibly practical, especially with a busy household. It’s hard to choose a favorite between Eartha, which brings so much happiness to my living room every day, and the bold hot pink of Magdalena in my kitchen—finally fulfilling my dream of having a hot pink rug!

Love seeing the Ella runner in my bedroom

The Inspiration Behind the Designs:

Like with most of my designs, I designed the collection for *me*. I leaned into my experiences and my taste– sometimes envisioning different versions of myself at various stages of my life. If you share my passion for vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and designs inspired by nature, I believe and hope that this collection will resonate with you, too! Each piece in this collection tells its own story–Sonia and Billie, originated from my paintings. Josephine and Eartha, drawing from my illustrative work, were sparked by my kiddo, Ida’s love of wildcats. Alice and Georgia, featuring botanical motifs with an eclectic twist, find their roots in ancient Egyptian art, infused with my contemporary kaleidoscopic vibe. Nature serves as inspiration for so many of my designs, whether expressed literally as seen in Tarsila’s palm fronds or abstractly, as in the crystal-like interpretation of Hilma. Some pieces were inspired by my travels to places like New Mexico and Morocco. Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the inspiration comes from – sometimes the designs just pour out of me! It was great fun working with the incredible creative team at Ruggable to translate my vision and art into “traversable,” washable, works of art!  Throughout the collection there are subtle nods to the enchantment of Mother Nature– and I believe that this imbues each piece with her ineffable magic. Also, each of the rugs are named after artists that I’ve been inspired by throughout my life — can you figure the artists that inspired each design?

Sonia comes in two colors: Terra & Sage (above) and Sand & Ocean
Josephine in Sunrise – yes … we have outdoor rugs in this collection!

I can’t wait to see these rugs in your homes! I hope they bring as much joy to you and your families as they did for me while designing them! 

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