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A bit of life lately as we move into spring!

Springing Around

I’m still wearing a jacket most days, but I’m so glad we can ditch the hats and gloves (for the most part!) 

Even the orchid is feeling the bloom!

Speaking of things in bloom, if you are looking for a health re-set this spring, my self-paced wellness course, Bloom, is always available on demand! I don’t talk about either of my courses enough, but you can learn more about each of them here! Digital Clutter has helped hundreds of people get their inboxes, computers, and phones organized! 

Spring Sports

Soccer practice has started for Birch, and Mazen has switched from baseball to golf this spring! He is quite good, and I think a solo sport like golf is great for him. 

Somehow I have more pics of our mini golfer than our big ones! Birch and I joined Mazen and Thomas on the driving range and putting green on a beautiful warm day. 

After Mazen’s lesson, we all had dinner at the clubhouse. 

Also on the sports theme we’ve been playing lots of 4 Square in our driveway! I’m not sure why we didn’t think of how easy it is to play sooner. A little sidewalk chalk and a ball that bounces and you have a game for all ages. We started with a basketball and got a 4 Square ball at Target the next week. 

And the last new sport for the spring: wallyball! ACAC hosted a wallyball game so we showed up to play. It’s like volleyball played on a racquetball court so you can bounce the ball off the walls. It was loads of fun!!

I did end up with a jammed thumb, and I kicked (yes, kicked) a ball into another guy’s glasses, knocking them off his face. Contact sports FTW! Haha. 

The Office Happy Hour

Same friends, different day. We watched some episodes of The Office over happy hour and of course had to dress the part. 

WildRock Birthday Party

Birch and I drove out to Wildrock, an outdoor discovery and play center for kids, for a classmate’s birthday party.

We did some fishing, but we only caught leaves. 

He made some soup with his buddies. And did TONS of running around!

Oh also there was a snake – ahhhh. The party was dinosaur themed and this remote-controlled blow-up T-rex showed up for cake time. If you have a kid who loves dinos, this would be such a great purchase!

Ice Cream > Doctors Appointments

The boys had their annual check up with their doctor, so we went out for Kohr Bros ice cream after, you know to keep up with the growth charts ; ) 

Mazen decided to teach Birch how to make ramen noodles. It was very cute to step back and watch (except I had to intervene during the “poor the boiling water” part!) 

Free Union Band 

We went to see Free Union band play at the Jefferson on Saturday night! Shout out to the lead singer Michael! We played on the same soccer team last winter and it’s cool he is also musically famous. 

Parents night out!

Before the show we went with a group to Tavola for an amazing dinner! 

Survivor with Millie

Anyone else watching Survivor this season!? Millie, Ellen’s cat, sure makes it more fun! She even did some piano playing for us. 

Kath Eats Real Food

My Favorite Salad Dressing

I’ve been making this orange marmalade dressing for almost a year now, and I am still obsessed!! These are the main ingredients – just a little of each until you get the consistency you like! 

I literally just do a glug of vinegar, a drizzle of olive oil, a teaspoon of mayo and a large teaspoon of marmalade. It’s so good! 

Add arugula, rotisserie chicken, gorgonzola, and candied pecans!

That’s a wrap for today! I have a short spring break post coming tomorrow : ) 

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