Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Workout That Does So Much More Than Make You Look Hot

You might remember a few years ago that one of the founders of PVOLVE, Rachel Katzman was on The HIM & HER Show talking about her beauty company, Cuvée. This serial entrepreneur has since sold Cuvée and put all her energy into taking PVOLVE to the next level, even attracting Jennifer Aniston to reach out wanting to get involved. That’s right. Jennifer Aniston ASKED to be an ambassador.

Last week Rachel was back on the show telling us all about the Jennifer Aniston experience, the evolution of PVOLVE and her own personal health issues and healing journey. Before we get into it, everyone is going nuts over Rachel’s insanely cool olive green leather jacket. You can get her green one here, but we also found it black for you.

Now that’s out of the way…

If you haven’t heard of PVOLVE (you may have from this episode in 2018), it’s different from traditional weightlifting because it blends functional movements with weight training. It focuses on taking your joints through their full range of motion and uses resistance equipment to activate every muscle. It helps you gain strength, mobility and stability.

This one is a must-listen especially if you’re a woman. Lauryn, Michael and Rachel get into birth control, different stages of life women go through and lowering cortisol when it comes to workouts.

You’ll also learn why Jennifer Aniston wanted to work with PVOLVE and how she reached out, how low impact workouts can benefit your longevity and reduce injury, how to listen to your body, and her wellness recommendations.

Rachel also gets into her experience with Lyme disease, being unwell while running a wellness company, building a company and working with your partner, and Jennifer’s favorite PVOLVE workouts & equipment, which we’re going to share here too.


And her favorite PVOLVE workouts are here, here and here. Plus, stay tuned because something super exciting is coming with Jen in May!

Be sure to listen to the episode to get all of Rachel’s favorite workouts, wellness routine (she loves this matcha), and her daily essentials.


Non-Invasive workouts : The issue with the current “grind culture” in regard to exercise is that if you’re constantly lifting heavy weights, it can lead to the deterioration of your body. Non-invasive workouts have been a life changer for a lot of people because the progress is still evident without the deterioration of your joints. 

Working Alongside Your Husband or Wife: Working with your partner can be difficult. It’s important to actively communicate your goals, separate your talents, and keep the business separate from the relationship. 

Listening to Your Body: You should always listen to your body whenever you think something might be wrong. We are conditioned to “push through” pain, but not listening to your body when there’s an issue could lead to the worst of the worst. 

Rachel is generously offering The Skinny Confidential community 20% off PVOLVE so if you haven’t already give it a try with code LAURYN. Your body will crave it.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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