Tesla Cybertruck Lead Engineer Hints At Bigger Battery Coming – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Inc‘s TSLA Cybertruck was finally released at the end of last year.

The vehicle boasts a max range of just over 300 miles, which many found disappointing. Now, a teaser teardown video by Munro and Associates of the Cybertruck battery pack has unveiled a considerable amount of empty space within the structure. This lead to widespread speculation about its intended use.

While many have surmised the space could accommodate additional batteries to extend range, many also suggested that the space is necessary for maintaining optimal battery cell temperatures.

The discussion was further fueled by a social media post stating that “The pack is half empty.” A Cybertruck lead engineer chimed in on the conversation, responding with a tongue-in-cheek comment, “I’d say it’s half full…” This reply has been interpreted as a hint that future versions of the Cybertruck could indeed include more cells for extended range capabilities. The back-and-forth has piqued the interest of Tesla followers and tech enthusiasts, pondering the potential for a Cybertruck with even greater endurance on the road.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously elaborated on X about a ‘range extender’ for the Cybertruck — an optional additional battery pack that could take up about two-thirds of the truck bed. This range extender is specifically designed for those embarking on exceptionally long journeys or needing extra power for tasks such as towing heavy loads up steep inclines.

With the combination of the current battery design and the prospect of an additional range extender, Tesla is positioning the Cybertruck as a versatile and robust option for both everyday use and more demanding transport needs.

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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