8 Styling Tips On How To Wear A Hat

A hat is undeniably an attractive part of women’s accessories. Fashion has gone global and you can wear different hat styles anywhere in the world and not look out of place. A hat can be a styling accessory that gives a twist to a fashionista’s look, or accentuates women clothing.

Before that, some basics about wearing a hat and we have also answered some questions along the way that you might have while thinking of styling a hat:

Size of the head:

Simple rule, the larger the head, the larger the hat. This may seem obvious, but many people make the mistake of wearing a hat that is not the right size, and it doesn’t look flattering. A small hat looks very odd when perched on a large head. Similarly, a large hat that sits half way down a small head looks out of place and certainly isn’t stylish.

Shape of the face and features:

Similar to women’s sunglasses, certain types of hats (or caps) look better on some people. The height of the hat or the width of the brim should complement the shape of the face. Oval faces can pull off an angular hat with a broader brim such as the Fedora. Round or heart-shaped faces look better in hats with a shorter brim. The head-hugging beanie can frame the features of either a short or long haired individual better than a hat, as it sits tight and shapes the head.


Long hair, short hair, hair tied up in a bun, ponytail or braided into a plait ….all these hairstyles make a difference when it comes to choosing a hat/cap. A Fedora cannot be expected to sit well on a head that sports a high ponytail. A baseball cap, on the other hand, is versatile and can be worn with any length of hair styled in any way.

The other obvious factors that should be considered while wearing a hat/cap are the weather and the occasion. Hats like fedoras are commonly worn in warmer climates, while beanies are typically sported in chilly weather. Ultimately, it is the way you carry yourself that determines whether the hats/caps listed below suit you.


How can I be confident wearing a hat?
The key to confidence while wearing a hat is finding the right style that suits your personality and comfort level. Experiment with different types of hats until you find one that makes you feel stylish and confident. Remember, confidence is the best accessory!

a. The wide brim hat

Pulled over the forehead, a wide-brim hat like the Fedora has proved to be a favourite among celebrities, who often wear one in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi. If you wish to look mysterious and hide behind the brim of a hat and dark glasses, choose a size that fits your head. If, however, you wear the hat as an accessory to compliment your outfit, and not as a hiding mechanism, make sure to wear a smaller size that sits on the crown of the head.

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A wide-brimmed hat can be worn with formal outfits. A Valentino skirt suit with matching womens pumps from Alexander Mcqueen or a lovely dress with high heels will look gorgeous with these hats. Another option is the more common method of wearing it, which involved a more casual like accompanied by a shirt, jeans and boots.

b. The narrow-brim hat

Remember those pretty ladies in Charlie Chaplin movies? The cute hats with a small brim turned down looked ultra-feminine on them. No reason why such hats should not be worn today, especially with a dress or skirt suit and pumps. Historical fashion trends are constantly making rounds in the modern fashion world!

Should a hat be tight or loose?
The fit of a hat is crucial for both comfort and style. A hat should fit snugly on the head without being too tight or too loose. It should sit comfortably without causing any pressure points or slipping off.

c. The woven hat

Lightweight and casual, the woven hat is usually made of straw or similar plant fibre, and associated with warm weather. While it looks best with a Valentino summer dress paired with Jimmy Choo wedge heels, you could also choose to wear it with these Chloe shorts and a cool white top from Dolce and Gabbana and penny loafers from Tod’s to finish up your look. You can also style it with a pair of jeans from Chanel, a fancy red coloured top from Missoni and Chanel red and blue espadrilles.

How can I look stylish in a hat?
Styling a hat is all about finding the right balance between the hat and the rest of your outfit. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for you. Whether it’s pairing a wide-brimmed hat with a formal ensemble or a baseball cap with a casual outfit, confidence is key to looking stylish in a hat.

Photo credit – Olha Afanasieva / Shutterstock.com

d. The Beret

Contrary to popular belief, Berets are not reserved for people in uniform or artists in Parisian streets. The beret adds that extra touch of style with classy look like a Carolina Herrera suit paired with Saint Laurent Paris pumps . You can also style a beret with this pair of trousers from Kenzo and a Saint Laurent shirt and stunning Tod’s shoes to go with it.

e. The baseball cap

Most people associate the baseball cap with sports or think they are reserved for athletes. For that reason, women who decide to sport this accessory often choose to pair it with a very casual outfit, which works great. Try a Giorgio Armani single- coloured cap with a colourful Gucci sweater or a denim jacket on a casual outing and wear it backwards for extra spice. However, a baseball cap can also look great when work with a dress or skirt if you pair it properly!

f. The Beanie

The Beanie is a woollen cap pulled over the head. Some are loose at the top or have pom-poms at the end, others simply fit the head perfectly. Many beanies these days have a snug fit, and are generally made to look good while also being warm and comfortable. Sport a beanie with a Mcq by Alexander Mcqueen turtleneck sweater, jeans and boots and stay warm in style.

hat styling tips
Photo credit – Bohemian soul / Shutterstock.com

g. Flat caps

Flat caps (think Sherlock Holmes’ tweed cap) were originally worn by the English when they went hunting. Although not a favourite of the true-blue fashion folk, many celebrities have happily sported these with both formals and casuals to ramp up the style quotient. This Stella McCartney suit with pumps looks great with a flat cap. If you feel like going casual, wear it with jeans and a Burberry tee. Flat caps are available in cotton, denim and tweed. Buy a size that ends just above the ears to avoid too much fabric flopping over the side.

h. Bucket hats

Bucket hats are actually cloth caps that people wear when going fishing, but these have become part of mainstream fashion now. Laidback in style and comfortable to wear, bucket hats suit both long and short hair. To make a style statement, pair it with these Chanel jeans or Just Cavalli shorts with a pair of daring  women’s boots from Balenciaga.

Can a hat make you more attractive?
Absolutely! A well-chosen hat can add an extra touch of style to your overall look and make you appear more attractive and confident.

To cap it all up

There are plenty of practical reasons why people want to cover the head – whether it’s cold weather, sunny weather, or a bad hair day. But functionality aside, hats have turned into a fashion prop, often worn for no other reason than just to be stylish. Which one will you add to your closet?

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