Why You Need a G2 Profile + How to Get Started for Free

There’s no denying the power of real, customer reviews and the impact they can have on a business. Product and peer reviews provide powerful and authentic insights into driving purchases, gaining visibility, and offering unique information to prospective buyers.

Investing and prioritizing in building a community centered around user-generated content, especially reviews, helps new audiences learn more about the brand and its offerings. When they hear from real users, they find it easier to place their trust in what they’re saying about the company.

Online reviews are key to helping customers understand what you value, the purchase journey, and how they can be successful business users.

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. With over 90 million annual buyers coming to G2, it’s no surprise that our data on software buyers looking at your product, category, and competitors makes for an effective go to market strategy.

Why should my company care about being on G2?

If you find yourself asking this question, here’s another question: why should buyers care about you?

Software buyers worldwide trust G2 to help them choose the right solutions for their business needs. With more than 2.5 million (and counting) authentic reviews, more than 90 million people annually — including employees at all Fortune 500 companies — use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Thousands of software and services companies of all sizes partner with G2 to build their reputation and grow their business. 

At G2, we understand trust is earned, not given, so we ensure each review is moderated and the user is authenticated prior to sharing on G2 Profiles. We’re all about providing buyers with guidance in the form of reviews, content, comparisons, and reports to ensure they reach the best fit solution for their needs. 

Think of G2 as both an extension of your brand and a direct line to your customers and prospective buyers. As motivated buyers embark on their purchasing journey, 90% either discover or initiate it on G2. Meet them where they are with resources for engagement, reviews to pursue, and a path to conversion when they’re ready to buy. G2 also invests heavily in SEO to deliver essential information to buyers, ultimately connecting them with YOU. With over 20,000 #1 Google rankings, it’s safe to say that G2 is the gateway for reaching buyers researching you or your category.

A G2 Profile allows you to establish a strong market profile, collect real user reviews, automate review generation, leverage buyer intent signals, and access competitive insights.

Why software brands utilize an authentic customer voice on G2: 

  • Establish brand credibility and showcase the power of your products or services.
  • Identify high-converting opportunities and drive efficient growth.
  • Unlock an always-on source of product feedback and competitive intelligence.

How do I get my free profile optimized and set up?

Now that we’ve established G2 as an essential partner in your winning playbook, let’s get into how you can set up a profile that stands out. Follow this step-by-step guide with best practices to optimize your profile(s) and leverage user reviews to boost your sales pipeline and online brand reputation.

Step 1: Get listed

Before updating your G2 Profile, double check you have one already listed on G2. If so, head down to Step 2. If not, you can add your product or service through this request form. Once you’ve submitted the request form, your profile is live on our site and ready to be claimed.

Please note: The G2 research team will verify the product or service before placing it in the right category. This assures the authenticity and accuracy we’re known for. If there are any verification hiccups, we will be sure to reach out. 

Step 2: Update your G2 Profile

Make sure your company details and categorization are correctly displayed. This will help keep you visible to buyers who are browsing your competitors or your category. 

Add product information

Consider this your holy grail to potential buyers. Ensure that all the information in this section is up-to-date and factually correct.

  • Product logos: Your logo is your brand’s first impression on a potential customer and can differentiate you from your competitors. Use a product logo easily recognized by G2 users and avoid logos with text as they will appear illegible on Grid Reports.
  • Product description: This section should give your audience a deep dive into your company’s background and product. Again, ensure that all profile details are thorough and accurate, so visitors fully understand your solution.

To craft a description that drives user engagement, we recommend describing what your product does in 250-500 words. Detail how your product addresses specific challenges while highlighting notable features and benefits. 

  • Product images: Images speak louder than words. Add up to six screenshots of your product so visitors can better visualize your solution. 

Set up admins

We know how important it is for the right people to get access to your G2 Profile—hassle free. There is no limit on admin seats available within my.g2. Should someone else on your team have access to upgrade and manage your profile? Make them an admin today!

Engage with discussions

This space allows buyers to ask questions about your solution, its features, and best practices. The discussion platform is also a way for users to bring up specific use cases of the solution to help them make a purchase decision and move down the sales funnel.

We recommend staying engaged with discussions as the conversations are not only helpful in building customer relationships but also help with SEO. Frequently asked questions can be picked up by Google in search results under the “People Also Ask” section.

Step 3: Update features and pricing

A product is nothing without its features – quite literally. Knowing a software’s capabilities provides visitors on G2 with cues about how it will benefit them.

Similarly, equipping buyers with pricing information helps them define the product’s value and gauge whether it is a tool they want to invest in. For vendors, it is also a way of showing transparency and gaining buyer trust.

Identify your features

Information regarding features helps G2 categorize your product correctly and direct relevant visitors to your profile. Details on product features can also aid reviewers when considering different solutions.

When providing details for features, ensure that you mark the level or pricing plan at which a feature is offered. If your product is part of a category that doesn’t show product features, worry not – our research team fleshes out all categories to add questions that users may have regarding product features.

Add pricing and packaging

A company’s pricing options can affect the type and volume of customers, the frequency with which existing customers repurchase products, the ease with which a business grows, and the ability to form long-term customer relationships.

Here are some best practices while adding pricing information to your G2 Profile:

  • Add up to five pricing plans (if applicable) to outline details for features offered with every package.
  • Explain how your pricing and packaging differ from competitors in the same space.

Pricing CTAs to free trials or pricing specific landing pages are available with an upgraded profile. 

What benefits do I get from having a G2 Profile?

Firstly, G2 is not pay to play – all rankings are based on verified user reviews, so setting up your Free Profile ensures you are part of the comparisons with your competitors and that you’re being accurately perceived by in-market buyers. Setting up your profile is the necessary first step to collecting those reviews to increase visibility! 

Build brand awareness

Having a G2 Profile gets you noticed by buyers who are researching their next software purchase on G2 and searching organically on Google. By showcasing accurate company details, features, and screenshots, you allow yourself to be a part of buyer conversations happening from G2 research. 

Encourage advocacy

Just like setting up a G2 Profile is free, users of products and services can also write reviews for free. With a G2 presence, you open the door to product advocates and a customer community that can be used to build based on reviews. By establishing your presence on G2, you unlock access to a SaaS community of product advocates and customers, empowering you to grow and innovate based on valuable feedback and reviews.

G2 Profiles also serve as a tool to cultivate a user community, answer product questions, and participate in discussions simultaneously. It acts as a place to engage in customer-company conversations and strengthen rapport.

Get on the G2 Grid

Every quarter, G2 Reports highlight the best software and services of the season. With a G2 Profile and 10 reviews, you are automatically eligible to secure a spot on the Grid. And the benefits don’t stop there! When you earn G2 Badges based on your performance, you can leverage the power of your authentic peer reviews in sales and marketing activities. 

With peer reviews continuing to rise in popularity year over year, it has never been more important to join the largest, most trusted marketplace. So what are you waiting for? Claim your free G2 Profile today!

Already claimed and ready to take it to the next level with an upgraded profile? Click here to learn more about boosting brand awareness, capturing G2 demand, generating reviews, and identifying high-intent buyers.

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