Canadian-made Senator spotted with improved anti-drone armor

Observers have spotted in Ukraine a Canadian-made armored vehicle, the Senator, equipped with a unique anti-drone defense system known as a “cope cage.”

This mesh-like metal structure aims to shield the armored vehicle from the increasing threat posed by suicide drones, which have become a formidable presence on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The defensive screen appears to be an aftermarket addition, suggesting that it is not a standard feature provided by the vehicle manufacturer. However, Roshel, the Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer responsible for producing the Senator, does offer an optional kit for additional protection against FPV drones.


The milestone delivery of the 1,000th Senator armored vehicle to the Ukrainian military by Roshel in December 2023 underscores the significance of these vehicles in Ukraine’s defense strategy. Widely deployed in some of the most challenging combat zones, particularly in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, the Senator has earned praise for its performance and proven to be invaluable in critical theaters of conflict.

The war in Ukraine served as the Senator’s inaugural combat deployment, validating its capabilities under demanding operational conditions. The design of the protective screen, while seemingly simplistic, aligns with the type of additional upper armor employed to counter drones, a measure first adopted by Russian forces during the escalation of the conflict in 2022. Since then, such armor has become standard on both Russian and Ukrainian tanks and other armored vehicles, primarily serving as defense against FPV and other types of armed commercial drones.

A diverse array of armored screen designs can now be observed on various types of vehicles, many of which are locally improvised field modifications, reflecting the evolving tactics and technologies in modern warfare.

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