My Book: Two O’Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain

“An inspiring yet relatable read for anyone ready to stop settling.” —Nina Ruggiero, digital editorial director, Travel + Leisure 

“Helene brings the same genuine energy from her lovable blog to her memoir, weaving her backstory with her trademark voice, equally witty and heartfelt. She takes us along on her global adventures—and misadventures!—not just as a sidekick but as a true travelmate, reminding us all to live in the moment—even if we always feel like we’re caught in between.” Rachel Chang, travel and pop culture journalist

What if you could choose a life of adventure without sacrificing the life you’ve already built?

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What’s the book about?

In this inspiring memoir—the antidote to the “just quit your job and ditch all your belongings to backpack the world” mentality—a young woman explores how she took calculated risks to follow her dreams: traveling and living abroad without sacrificing stability and comfort.

Helene Sula always knew she wanted to pursue something a little different from a “normal life”—not an outright rejection of the conventional path many of her peers embraced but one that empowered her to experience other cultures and corners of the globe. To lead a stable life and travel the world. To seek adventure and still be happily married.

From skinny-dipping in the icy Baltic Sea and hiking Germany’s storied Black Forest, to wrestling with visa applications and apartment hunting in medieval Heidelberg, Helene shares the realities—both the magical and the everyday—that come with chasing bold dreams and learning that home is where you make it.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a mundane career or routine and want a fresh start without completely starting over, Helene’s story will prove that you don’t have to uproot your life to find meaning—just have the heart to take a leap.

This is not a book about the Trevi Fountain.

Although, that’s in there too.

This is a book about how I changed my life, chased my dreams, and wound up where I least expected. It’s a travel memoir. It’s a catalyst for launching your own dreams. I wrote it for you.

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One of my all time favorite chapters in the book. You won’t want to miss this. This talks about how I became who I am and what I thought was holding me back.

“I’d spent most of my life trying to fit in—I wanted to be like everyone else. But as I came into my twenties, a sneaking, nagging urge began to niggle at me: How could I leave a legacy? Maybe I didn’t really want to be like everyone else.”

“I liked living a “normal” stable life just fine, thank you, but I couldn’t help wondering if there was more. When you start unraveling the thread of what can be, you realize that the possibilities are endless. The tricky part is figuring out how to keep your spool and thread intact.”

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⭐️Go For Your Goals Bundle

⭐️ Intentional Influence Workshop

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This book might be the catalyst for changing your life.

Books did that for me. I think this one can do it for you.

I started sharing on Instagram and grew to over 500,000 followers. See how I started, lived out my wildest dreams, and how you can, too. No matter what they are.

See what they’re saying about the book!

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Meet the Author

Helene Sula is an American travel writer and blogger. Though she grew up fearful of change, travel inspired Helene to get outside her comfort zone. Now she aims to motivate others to have their own eye-opening adventures, pursue their passions, and expand their boundaries, even if they’re still figuring out what those are.

She has traveled to 50+ countries and counting, blogging about her one-of-a-kind travel adventures focused on historical and cultural experiences, local cuisines, and off-the-beaten path destinations along the way. Her writing has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, People Magazine, and more.

Originally from Texas, Helene now resides in Oxford, England with her husband Michael, and their two adventure-loving pups, Hugo and Millie. When she’s not trotting the globe or posting captivating travel content, you can find her exploring Oxford’s hidden gems.

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