Teledyne unveils new suicide drone

The U.S.-based Teledyne FLIR Defense company is introducing its latest innovation, the Rogue 1 loitering munition system, at the ongoing Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week convention in Tampa. 

The new Rogue 1 loitering munition system, known popularly as “suicide drone,” is a vertically launched and landed small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) designed to deliver precise, lethal strikes against a variety of targets.

Equipped with advanced electro-optical and FLIR Boson 640+ thermal cameras, Rogue 1 offers day and night reconnaissance capabilities with unparalleled accuracy. Its unique fuzing system allows for safe recovery and reuse, ensuring cost-effectiveness and mission adaptability. The aircraft’s gimballed payload enables precise targeting, while modular payloads offer flexibility for different mission requirements, including Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) and non-lethal options.


With a flight time of 30 minutes, speeds exceeding 70 mph, and a range of over six miles, Rogue 1 outperforms existing weapon systems, making it suitable for today’s challenging battlefield environments. Its integration into military operations offers enhanced versatility, survivability, and lethality, meeting the evolving demands of modern warfare.

Dr. JihFen Lei, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne FLIR Defense, emphasized Rogue 1’s significance in providing troops with a decisive edge on the frontlines. The system’s selection by the U.S. Marine Corps for the Organic Precision Fires-Light (OPF-L) program underscores its potential impact on future operations.

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