Coloured hair sprays have been about for a few years, waiting for half term, summer holidays and festivals. Perfect for the mind changers and the impatient artists! So when Fudge got in touch to ask if I’d like to try their Hair Art Spray I was like hell yeahhh I do as someone who likes different colours every day!

How To Get Quick Rainbow HairHow To Get Quick Rainbow Hair

As you can see the saturation from my hair has faded after many weeks of dye before my next top up I experimented with their new Hair Art sprays* on colours to see how to get rainbow hair super quick in the morning – no dying time, no rinsing – just spray and go!


Fudge Urban Before and AfterFudge Urban Before and After

I advise using this when you’ve got your hair pretty much perfectly ready styling wise and do not forget to put a towel over your clothes, then go ahead and grab sections and get spraying! 

Tutorial for rainbow hairTutorial for rainbow hair

I used Coral Crush, Turquoise Noise and Violet Haze to achieve this pastel look. I think it’s perfect for festivals and styling up for a temporary look over a weekend and sits in the hair overnight without any colour spill on the pillow after a few minutes of letting it set. 

Fudge Urban Hair Art Coral Crush and Turquoise Noise SprayFudge Urban Hair Art Coral Crush and Turquoise Noise Spray

A word of caution these are super vivid and I sprayed right next to my hair which makes the colour super dense so it depends what look you’re trying to achieve but I wanted intensely bright colours to last a long time but if you wanted more subtle colours I suggest moving the sprays further away.

Pastel Rainbow Hair for dark and light hairPastel Rainbow Hair for dark and light hair


Fudge Urban ReviewFudge Urban Review

I’ve been insanely happy with the results, these have been a perfect addition to my collection for when I’m mid colour and needing to dye my hair to top up the vibrance before a shoot or partying over the weekend. 

I love that it works on the darkest hair without the use of pre-lightening meaning any darker headed peeps out there looking for some colourful pastel delight without the harm to your lush hair can have some saturated love too!

Turquoise Noise, Violet Haze, Coral Crush by Fudge UrbanTurquoise Noise, Violet Haze, Coral Crush by Fudge Urban

I’ve been loving sand art hair, a combination of pastel hues and rainbow stripes in a uneven way. I love that I can just grab sections of hair and go super crazy with it, each day I switch it up. I wanna talk more about sand art hair as it’s been my favourite hair experimenting!

Fudge Urban Hair Art Spray ReviewsFudge Urban Hair Art Spray Reviews

To complete my look I’ve pinned my hair up so the colours underneath can be seen more!

So please have a go at some temporary colour for summer!

What do you think of quick rainbow hair?

*These products were sent to me. 

See my disclaimer for more information.

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