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Trying INH Hair Ponytail Extensions and Braid Extensions

Insert Name Here AKA INH Hair is the brand responsible for all of the ponytail extensions and braid extensions you’ve seen all over IG and on TV. After seeing their ads countless times I gave in and ordered 3 different styles. More on why I chose these styles and how I found the right color later in this INH hair review. After playing with them for a week and taking them out to test their comfort and durability I wanted to give you the lowdown.

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Insert Name Here ponytail extension LolaInsert Name Here ponytail extension Lola
Insert Name Here ponytail extension Lola

INH Hair review

In this Insert Name Here review I’m covering:

  • How to put in the INH ponytail extensions and braid extensions.
  • INSERT NAME HERE hair care tips | Do’s and don’t.
  • Pros and cons.
  • Is Insert Name Here real hair.
  • Can you return INH hair.
  • Are they good quality and worth it or not.

Insert Name Here (INH) review and how to put them in

How to put in Insert Name Here ponytail

These are one of the easiest and more natural ponytail extensions. I’ve had the ones on claw clips before and you can always see the claw. Plus the hair always seemed to get really matted.

These slide in on a small claw, then have a velcro strip that wraps around the base. There’s a separate piece for you to wrap around the velcro to hide it and then secure the ends with the hair pins provided.

Be very careful removing them in case your hair is caught in the velcro so that you can slowly untangle it.

If you’re planning on dancing or jumping around definitely secure it with more clips as mine kept falling out. So I’m saving it for dinner and cocktails not for partying.

How to put in Insert Name Here braid extension

The INH Hair braid extensions are even easier to put in (IMO) than the Insert Name Here ponytails. They are on an elastic you just tie over your ponytail elastic. It’s separated into 4 sections. 3 of which you braid your own hair into. The 4th you use to wrap around the base to hide the hair elastics.

Watch the video for the full tutorial. I also find the INH braid extensions easier to take out as there’s no velcro to snag on your hair.

INH Hair braid extension Lara blondeINH Hair braid extension Lara blonde
Insert Name Here braid extension Lara

How to care for your Insert Name Here ponytail extensions

Their INFINI-FLEX™ hair pieces you can style along with their 100% Remy human hair products with heat up to 320°F. However, using heat on their curled or pre-styled hair pieces will permanently change its original style. 

They don’t recommend chemical processing or dying their ponytails or any of their hair extensions either.

Insert Name Here ponytail extension Liane honey blondeInsert Name Here ponytail extension Liane honey blonde
Insert Name Here Liane ponytail extension

You can wash the INH INFINI-FLEX™ hair pieces but try to do it only when you really need to with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. For their 100% Remy Human hair products or a wig shampoo. Let them air dry to make them last longer!

If they get tangled, INH sell a Emergency Revival High-Gloss Detangler which is worth investing in. So you don’t destroy your ponytail or braid extensions trying to rip a brush through them/

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Before and after INH hair extensions

A few of the things I love is how many color options and lengths there are, as well as how quick and easy there are to put in. You can choose as natural or dramatic a length as you want.

Insert Name Here ponytail extension before afterInsert Name Here ponytail extension before after
Before and after Insert Name Here ponytail extensions

Pros and cons

Pros: don’t damage your hair, save time on heat styling, are quick and easy to put in, and are reasonably priced (under $60). They also come with a sample of the hair color in a separate pouch so you can check it matches your hair color before you open your extensions. As once you open them you can’t return them.

Cons: Be careful removing them as the velcro gets stuck in hair. They also slide out if you’re jumping or dancing so definitely grip them in more if you’re planning on doing this. They’re also pretty heavy so I find I can’t wear them for more than 4-5 hours without getting a headache.

INH braid extension Lara ash blondeINH braid extension Lara ash blonde

Shop INH Hair

The styles I’m wearing in this Insert Name Here review:

  • INH (Insert Name Here) Liane ponytail extension 18” in honey blonde (only 3 shades right now).
  • INH Lola ponytail extension 17” comes in 27 colors (wearing ash blonde) also on Ulta (in less colors).
  • INH Lara braid ponytail 34” extension comes in 20 colors (I’m wearing ash blonde).

Insert Name Here review ponytail extension Insert Name Here review ponytail extension


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