My Book Tour! – Helene in Between

I am beyond excited to announce… my book tour!!

My book, Two O’Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain is coming out April 9th and I’m going on tour!! ME??

This memoir is about going for your dreams and taking risks – even if you’re afraid. It’s my story of becoming a travel influencer, moving abroad, and carving out a life I never thought possible. If you have a dream: this book is for you.

Seven-year-old Helene is punching the air right now.

Never in my wildest of dreams did I think that I’d be going on tour. I truly cannot wait.

I’m so thrilled to share my book with you, hear your story and hang out in person!

I’m also so excited to help support small, independent bookshops!!!

Here are the dates and details so far! (I’m hoping to add on a few more stops!) Some of the dates do require that you RSVP!

Dates and details:

Any and all dates will be added here, click subscribe if you’d like to be notified about new dates and cities added!

Quick Overview:

New York, NY – Mint Hotel on April 5th at 4pm // add it to your calendar (please RSVP, super limited seating!)

Boston, MA – ​I AM Books Boston​ on April 7th at 2pm // add it to your calendar here.

Denver, CO – Halcyon Hotel on April 8th at 6pm // add it to your calendar here.

New Orleans, LA – ​PLEASE RSVP!! Details Here​ – comes with a signed copy of the book at Garden District Book Shop on April 9th at 6pm.

San Antonio, TX – ​Details Here​ at Nowhere Bookshop, Wednesday, April 10th at 6pm. // add it to your calendar here.

Houston, TX – Details here at Thompson Hotel, Thursday, April 11th at 6:30 pm // add it to your calendar here.

Austin, TX – PLEASE RSVP!! ​Details Here​ – comes with signed copy of the book! Hearth and Soul on Friday, April 12th at 5pm.

Dallas, TX – ​Details Here​ – at Interabang Books on Saturday April 13th at 4pm. // add it to your calendar here.

Nashville, TN – at East Nashville Beer Works on Sunday April 14th at 3pm with Landmark Books. Add it to Your Calendar here!

I’ll be signing books, chatting, and giving away fun prizes!!!

In order to support the bookstore, many require that you order a book from them. WE LOVE SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT BOOK STORES!! If you’ve already ordered one you can give one to a family or friend!

​Also, all pre-ordered books get all of these bonuses! ​

AND PLEASE: tell a friend. My biggest fear is that no one will show up! Feel free to share!

Now I’d love to share why I chose each location – each one has such a special place in my heart!

The book itself is called “Two O’Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain” but… doesn’t have to do with Italy. Although, I go there. Broadly, it’s about taking risks, following your own path and dreams, and traveling. But it’s also about time. We have such a short amount of time to live. Really live. And this is my book that grapples with making the most of it.

I am only going to cities I’ve been, explored, and personally love!

New York, New York – April 5th @ Mint House from 4-7pm

America at its core! When we moved home after living abroad, we came home on a boat (with the dogs!) and landed in New York. I remember hitting the pavement and feeling an elation like no other. I’ll also be here doing a podcast with THE Erin McGoff!

Boston, Massachusetts – April 7th, 2pm at I Am Books. RSVP here!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you’ll know I’m obsessed with Fall, and no place in the world is better than Fall in New England. Boston is a place I visited every single year after I moved home after living abroad. It actually ignited a sense of wonder in me no place else did in the USA after traveling Europe for so long. The history here is truly one of my favorites on earth.

Denver, Colorado – April 8th at Halcyon Hotel at 6pm. Add it to your calendar here!

The Mile High City calls! Denver, with its breathtaking mountain views and vibrant cultural scene, has always held a special place in my heart. I visited Denver more over the past 4 years living in the USA than any other city! I cannot wait to make a stop here! I’ll be at Halcyon Hotel with Second Star to the Right books at 6pm on April 8th!

New Orleans, Louisiana – April 9th, 6pm at Garden District Bookshop ** MUST RSVP!

For publishing day, I am heading to my roots: New Orleans! Though I was born in Dallas I thought, up until second grade, that I was from New Orleans. My family hails from here and many still live here. If America has a body, I believe its soul is New Orleans. The food, the culture, the history, the music. I’m so honored to be at Garden District bookshop for officially publishing day! You will need to RSVP – tickets include a signed book!

San Antonio, Texas – April 10th, 6pm at Nowhere Bookshop

The heart of Texas history beats strong in San Antonio. From the hallowed grounds of The Alamo to the festive ambiance along the Riverwalk, this city embodies the spirit of Texas like no other. It’s also a place of personal significance for me: we’ll be celebrating my brother Michael’s birthday in style, surrounded by the city’s rich culture and heritage. I’ll be at Nowhere Bookshop at 6pm on April 10th!

Houston, Texas – April 11th at 6:30 pm At Thompson Hotel with Basket Books

This ain’t Texas… oh wait, yes it is!!! Houston, the sprawling metropolis where the cosmopolitan meets the cowboy. This city has a dynamic energy that’s both exhilarating and utterly unique. From the space center that puts you in touch with the stars to the bustling streets filled with world-class dining and art, Houston defies expectations at every turn. But the question is… who has better food? Houston or Dallas?! april 11th at 6:30 pm at the Thompson Hotel with Basket Books!

Austin, Texas – April 12th, 5pm at Hearth and Soul *MUST RSVP!

I’m pumped to be cohosting this event with THE Melanie Demi of @herboozytails! It’s true: Austin, I do love you so much! The live music capital of the world, is a city that thrives on creativity and embraces the unconventional. Which is my vibe! I’ll be at Hearth & Soul on April 12th at 5pm! Please RSVP!!

Dallas, Texas – April 13th, 4pm at Interabang Books!

MY HOME!!! I am born and raised and lived my entire life (except for those times I moved abroad!) and I’m so excited to see y’all there! Dallas is not just a stop on the map; it’s a celebration of roots, growth, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. A piece of my heart remains in Dallas, and I cannot wait to see y’all in person! I’ll be at Interabang Books on Saturday, April 13th at 4pm!

Nashville, Tennessee – April 14th, 3pm at East Nashville Beer Works!

My second home! I lived in Nashville a year before moving abroad, and it’s featured prominently in the book. I owe Nashville so much. This city gave me the push to make my dreams come true. And while it’s wildly popular, it also feels secretly special in some ways. Outside of Broadway, the history and culture surrounding music and food, and life are unparalleled. I’m thrilled to be coming to Nashville! I’ll be at East Nashville Beer Works with Landmark Booksellers!

Thank you for your love and support of this book and independent bookstores! See everywhere you can buy the book here!

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