Sweden taps BAE Systems for new CV90 combat vehicles

BAE Systems has announced a new contract with Sweden for the delivery of advanced CV9035 MkIIIC combat vehicles, a move that will enhance Sweden’s military capabilities.

The agreement includes the latest version of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, known for its superior mobility, protection, and firepower.

This contract, valued at a significant amount, will see BAE Systems providing a range of vehicles equipped with advanced technology to the Swedish Army. These vehicles will include improved battlefield management systems, enhanced survivability features, and greater firepower.


“These new CV9035 MkIIICs will extend the capabilities of both the Swedish and Ukrainian armies and provide crews improved combat awareness, increased mobility, protection, and lethality,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Managing Director of BAE Systems Hägglunds, which designs and produces the CV90.

As noted by the company, the new CV9035 MkIIIC is built to the same standard as the newest CV90 mid-life upgrade program for the Netherlands. The vehicles will be equipped with a new turret which provides a leap forward in design and functionality.

The CV90 platform has been a staple in Sweden’s military arsenal, continuously upgraded to meet modern defense requirements. The new vehicles will replace older models, ensuring that Sweden’s armed forces remain at the cutting edge of military technology.

BAE Systems has a longstanding partnership with Sweden, having delivered various military solutions over the years. This latest contract underscores the ongoing commitment to providing state-of-the-art defense systems that enhance national security.

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