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What are you up to this long weekend? The boys are traveling, so I’m going to read my book, take walks with friends, and maybe take a sofa nap. It’s been pretty full on lately, so I’m looking forward to some solo time. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

This week’s Big Salad newsletter features Erin Boyle’s 800-square-foot apartment for her family of five and the earplugs that make it all work. Also her favorite TV comedy and a shampoo that really works.

Carrot cake is better cold.

Found! The perfect outfit for a weekend getaway: shirt, pants.

A short and sweet interview with Ali MacGraw. “You know, I’m a strange old bird at this point.” (NYTimes gift link)

How epically beautiful are Icelandic pools?

The color I have on my toes from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This Budapest train line is operated by children (!!!!).

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies with toffee.

J.Crew is up to 60% off, and I’m eyeing this sexy swimsuit.

Who else is in their sporty design era?

“How a Bright Eyes song made me decide to get divorced.” Great essay.

Loving these photos of little girls at the American Girl store. (NYMag)


Plus, three reader comments:

Says Lauren O. on the trailer for ‘My Lady Jane’: “I’m both thrilled for Gemma and us-as-audience and, on a meta level, just basking in the glow of how much you love her. It makes me smile to know you have each other.”

Says Lindsey on how do you reset: “If I am feeling anxious while trying to fall asleep, I list the people I love and who love me, and it soothes me.”

Says Mara on a beautiful playlist of covers: “I took an entire class in college on covers performed by women. It was my entry point into feminism and queer theory — baby me was so blown away by how different the songs felt. I’ve stayed obsessed with covers for 20 years, but feel like I need to give credit to the song that inspired the class: Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect.’ It was originally an Otis Redding song so dripping with chauvinism that it’ll make your skin crawl, and Aretha turned it into an ANTHEM.”

(Photo of Ali MacGraw by Sante Forlano in the Conde Nast store, via Kim France.)

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