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The mere mention is enough to give any small business owner a headache. It’s a complex, time-consuming scramble to gather timesheets, calculate hours, and figure out taxes. If you find yourself up to your eyeballs in paperwork just to make payroll on time, we’ve got good news.

Homebase takes the pain out of payroll. 

Our everything app automates the entire process—from tracking hours to filing taxes. Looking for peace of mind? Read on. 

Goodbye payroll stress.

Manual payroll processing eats up your time and energy. Our everything app for hourly workers automates the entire process. Use Homebase to:

  • Track accurate hours
  • Quickly calculate wages
  • Send direct deposits
  • File payroll taxes

Don’t spend another late night hunched over a calculator, trying to reconcile complex spreadsheets or worrying about compliance issues. We take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most—running your business.

Payroll Management: What Every Business Needs to KnowPayroll Management: What Every Business Needs to Know

Timesheets and payroll make great teammates.

Inaccurate time tracking is the enemy of payroll management. After all, if your timesheets are off, your payroll will be too. With Homebase, timesheets and payroll are seamlessly integrated, eliminating the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Using the data from our built-in time clock, our app automatically converts your team’s hours into payroll. Employees clock in and out using our mobile app or a designated tablet, and Homebase takes care of the rest. 

That means no more manual data entry, chasing down missed punches, or  deciphering illegible handwriting. Just a few clicks and your timesheets turn into paychecks. 

You don’t even need a time card calculator—Homebase converts your wages, hours, and minutes into your payroll summary report. With a click, you’re ready to pay your team with printable checks. Homebase can even directly deposit funds into their bank accounts, marking yet another item off your to-do list.

What about when business gets busy? Homebase includes automatic break deductions and overtime calculations, so you can rest assured that your payroll is accurate.

Compliance made simple.

Payroll confidence delivered. Homebase helps you keep your payroll accurate and compliant. Here’s how:

  • Set it and forget it. We auto-calculate hours, breaks, overtime, wages, and state taxes.
  • PTO without the headache. Create time off policies and track balances right in our app. Automate away
  • Keep records in check. Securely store time cards and payroll info to meet FLSA standards.

Staying on top of payroll regulations can be a full-time job in itself. Between federal, state, and local laws, there’s a lot to keep track of—and the consequences of non-compliance can be severe. With Homebase, compliance is a breeze.

The app automatically calculates taxes and withholdings based on your state’s requirements to help you stay up-to-date with the latest regulations. We’ll even handle your tax filings for you, submitting the necessary paperwork to the appropriate agencies on your behalf. No more worrying about deadlines or navigating complex tax forms.

Compliance goes beyond just taxes. Rules concerning overtime, minimum wage, paid time off, and employee classification are a hassle to manual payroll processes. Homebase has you covered there, too. With built-in tools for managing PTO, tracking employee information, and storing time card records, we help you stay compliant with labor laws.

Ditch the paperwork.

Your team helps your business thrive. But as you grow, so does the paperwork! Take back time by going digital.

With Homebase, you can forget about tax calculations, direct deposits, and payroll tax filings. We’ll handle it for you, ensuring that your payments are accurate and punctual.

Onboarding new hires becomes a breeze. Your team can onboard, e-sign, and store all their payroll forms directly in the app. Never scan, file, or chase down paperwork again—it’s all right there at your fingertips.

The benefits don’t stop there. Homebase also automatically submits your new hire reporting and takes care of filing and distributing W-2s and 1099s each year. Now you can hire to make your team the best that it can be, stress-free. 

Small business paperworkSmall business paperwork
Small business paperwork

A competitive edge in the war for talent.

Offering your team the latest in payroll perks can give you a serious advantage over competitors. Homebase lets you give workers early access to wages, which allows your team to access their pay when they need it.

When one of your team members has an unexpected expense or emergency, being able to access their earned wages ahead of payday can be a lifesaver. It’s a no-cost way to show your team that you care about their well-being and financial stability.

With our mobile app, your team can:

  • Access their pay stubs immediately.
  • Track their earnings and plan for bills.
  • Manage their information anytime, anywhere. 

No more waiting for paper checks or searching for multiple login credentials. Everything they need is available 24/7.

Offering these types of perks help  you attract and keep great workers, boost morale, and create a more engaged team that loves to come to work.

Radically easy payroll starts here. 

More than 100,000 small (but mighty) businesses rely on Homebase to make work radically easy and superpower their teams. Don’t just take our word for it: 

“I honestly have not thought about payroll since switching to Homebase Payroll—which is the best endorsement I can give a platform designed to make you more efficient or take away a once tedious task. WE LOVE IT,” says Eric Murphy, Owner at The Gear Attic in Athens, GA.

Ready to experience payroll peace of mind? Getting started is easy—sign up today for a free trial. 

We’re excited to help unlock your team’s full potential. Whether you need assistance with setup, have questions about compliance, or just need some guidance on best practices, our payroll experts are ready to help you succeed.

Payroll shouldn’t be a source of stress or frustration—it should be a tool that empowers you to grow your business and take care of your team. We do it all—so you can get back to business.

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