Oxford Harry Potter Filming Locations: Your Self Guided Tour!

If you love Harry Potter, one of the best places to visit in the world is Oxford, England. The movies were filmed here, and while Oxford is the oldest English-speaking University in the world, it’s also home to MANY filming locations from the Harry Potter series.

What I love so much about the connection between Harry Potter and Oxford is that Rowling came and got so much inspiration here. From characters, names, dress, and Hogwarts itself. Just walking the streets makes you feel like you’re on a movie set. Except it’s real life!

I live in Oxford, England and I’ve taken dozens of Harry Potter tours and explored as much as I can. While London boasts an amazing array of Harry Potter filming locations and of course, the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, if you love the movie, Oxford is the best spot.

We could just switch Oxford’s name to “Ox-warts” at this point! (That’s Oxford + Hogwarts combined.)

It’s hard to tell what I’ve done more: explored the historic streets of Oxford, or watched the enchanting world of Harry Potter unfold on screen. The magical series is one of my all-time favorites, capturing the essence of adventure and wonder. From the majestic architecture of Hogwarts to the charming nooks of Diagon Alley, Harry Potter’s universe is intricately tied to the real-world charm of Oxford. The city’s timeless beauty and academic grandeur made it the perfect backdrop for many iconic scenes in the films.

See all the places Harry Potter film locations are in the UK and beyond!

Living here in Oxford, I embarked on a quest to discover some of the beloved Harry Potter filming locations that bring the magic to life. Join me as I walk you through these enchanting spots, complete with some of my favorite quotes from the series.

There are countless quotes that encapsulate the magic and mystery of Harry Potter. Oxford, with its storied history and breathtaking architecture, is the perfect place to experience that same sense of wonder. Here, I’ll share both the filming locations and quotes that make you feel like you’re stepping right into the wizarding world.

Not only will this guide give you all the Harry Potter locations in Oxford, it’s loaded with my top tips and tricks for visiting.

Was Harry Potter Filmed in Oxford?

Yes, indeed! Oxford’s historic charm and magnificent architecture made it the perfect setting for many iconic scenes in the Harry Potter films. The city’s grand colleges and libraries provided the ideal backdrop to bring the magical world of Hogwarts to life. From the moment you step into Oxford, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight into the wizarding world.

Which movies were filmed in Oxford?

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Harry Potter Filming Locations in Oxford

Where was Harry Potter filmed in Oxford? The city of Oxford, with its historic university buildings, was the perfect setting for some of the most iconic and mesmerizing scenes from the Harry Potter films. These stunning locations not only brought the magic to life but also inspired the filmmakers to create larger-scale sets at Warner Bros. Studios here in the UK.

Here are the places that Harry Potter was filmed. BUT, please note: all of the college require entrance fees and have hours. Which means you have to plan ahead of time. Many of the places do require that you come on a tour so if you want to go on a tour, I suggest you book in advance. Below I list my favorite tours.

  • Christ Church College – Bodley Staircase
  • Christ Church College Dining Hall
  • Christ Church College Cloisters
  • Bodleian Library – Divinity School
  • Bodleian Library – Duke Humfrey’s Library
  • New College – Cloisters
  • New College – Courtyard & Tree
  • Harry Potter Tree – Blenheim Palace

I will share more about each location and give you some hints and tips along the way that you won’t want to miss!!!

Inspiration and Places that Feel Like Harry Potter in Oxford

  • Broad Street aka Diagon Alley
  • The Earl of Pembroke State aka Nearly Headless Nick
  • Red Telephone Booth
  • The site outside of the Sheldonian Theater where J.K. Rowling got the inspiration for Harry’s lightning bolt scar
  • The black and white robes that students wear
  • Blackwell’s Bookshop
  • Turf Tavern – where the Potter crew hung out after filming
  • Magical Shops – House of Wonders and Scriptum
  • St Mary’s Church – Harry Potter Stars

Guided Tours of Harry Potter in Oxford

Guided tours of Oxford are, in short, amazing. I’ve quite literally been on dozens of tours. Whether for Harry Potter or learning the history of Oxford, I highly recommend them. Here are some tours I recommend.

Please note: Harry Potter Tours sell out SO fast! Book in advance.

Footprints Harry Potter Tour of Oxford – I’ve done this one a few times and is my top recommendation. They have lots of tours and are hosted by students at the university.

Oxford Harry Potter Tour with Entrance to Christ Church—This is probably one of the most popular tours, as you get to see THE inspiration for the Great Hall. This is also one of the biggest colleges, so it’s quite grand!

Oxford Harry Potter with Access to the Divinity School – Another super popular one as this gives you access to the Divinity School where the hospital scenes were filmed.

Oxford Harry Potter Tour with Entrance to New College – I love New College. It’s so beautiful and a great setting for exploring. This is where the Malfoy tree is as well as well as cloisters where many scenes were filmed.

Studio Tour And Oxford Day Trip – If you’re coming from London this tour is perfect. It gives you access to the studio plus a guided tour of Oxford.

Oxford Guided Tour – a general history tour of Oxford that is so so so fascinating!

Blenheim Palace Admission ticket – This is where the scene was filmed with Snape and James was filmed. The palace itself is magnificent and worth the 20 minute trip.

Oxford Ghost Tour—If you want something a little different, I really like this ghost tour! It usually doesn’t sell out, which is a huge plus! It’s also nice it goes at night.

Self-Guided Harry Potter Tour of Oxford

Prefer to explore at your own pace? A self-guided tour is the perfect option. Here’s a detailed itinerary to help you discover the magical locations on your own:

Christ Church

Christ Church is usually most associated with Harry Potter as so many significant and iconic scenes were filmed here! It was also the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland as Lewis Carroll was a math tutor here.

Please note that Christ Church requires an entrance fee. Visiting Christ Church can be a bit pricey at £16 per adult, but if you’re a Harry Potter fan, it’s absolutely worth it! The place truly looks and feels like Hogwarts. Just be sure to book your tour in advance. You can do so here directly or part of a tour.

Christ Church Hall – No place else feels like Hogwarts y’all! This magnificent hall served as the inspiration for Hogwarts’ Great Hall. Its grandeur, with long wooden tables and high ceilings, mirrors the magical feasts and sorting ceremonies. As you walk through, you can almost hear Dumbledore’s welcoming speech.

Harry Potter': 25 Surprising Facts About Set Miniatures and Franchise  OffspringHarry Potter': 25 Surprising Facts About Set Miniatures and Franchise  Offspring

In truth, many of the dining halls in Oxford Colleges are quite grand! I love Magdalen’s!

Christ Church College – Bodley Staircase The iconic staircase is where in the first movie, Harry Potter and The Sorceror’s Stone, Professor McGonagall first greeted Harry, Hermione, and Ron, as well as the rest of the students. Standing on these steps, you can feel the excitement and anticipation of the young wizards entering Hogwarts for the first time. This is right before they enter the great hall and is one of my favorite scenes.

The staircase itself is so magnificent and you can see why the movies were so influenced by Oxford and Christ Church!

The staircase is used in:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher) meet McGonagal, and at the end of the movie as well- Ron and Hermione are at the top and ask if Harry is Alright.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets– when he’s late for School and inside Riddle’s Diary

Christ Church College Cloisters – We are lucky the studio ended up using so many actual places as scenes for Harry Potter. The reason is they didn’t have time to build all the sets. So many of the scenes of the students walking the halls is set in Christ Church Cloisters as well as some other places around Britain.

We also see the cloisters of Christ Church used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Hermione shows Harry’s dad trophy from Quidditch.

Get my guides for all Harry Potter filming locations, tips and so much more!

Harry Potter Locations and guides!


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