Ukrainian missile strike obliterates ferry crossing in Crimea

Ukrainian defense forces successfully targeted a ferry crossing in Crimea used by the Russian military for transporting equipment and ammunition.

The night attack, carried out with ATACMS missiles, struck the Kerch ferry crossing, which had been a crucial supply line for Russian forces in the region.

“Last night, Ukrainian defense forces launched a missile strike on the Kerch ferry crossing, which was heavily utilized by the enemy to support their military grouping in temporarily occupied Crimea,” stated the official report.


The official said in a release that despite being shielded by modern Russian air defense systems, including Pantsir, Tor, and S-400 Triumf, the ATACMS missiles, dating back to the 1990s, penetrated the defenses and hit their targets.

The strike inflicted substantial damage on two ferries responsible for rail and vehicle transportation. One of the ferries ran aground, effectively blocking the entire Kerch crossing.

The successful strike by Ukrainian missile forces has significantly disrupted the military logistics of the occupying forces on the peninsula, dealing a considerable blow to their operational capabilities.

This operation underscores Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to weaken the logistical support of Russian forces in the contested region.

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