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Four years ago we did a readership survey, and it was incredibly helpful. It gave us a clear picture of who the reader is, and what they want out of Permanent Style. 

We always have feedback on PS – the comments section is one of the best around – but the survey gave everyone an opportunity to give their view, even those that didn’t want to do it publicly. And the structured format of it made it much easier to implement changes. Almost 2,500 people filled it out, and as a result we introduced many things. 

It was as a result of the survey that we introduced an article-alert email to go alongside the weekly round-up one. We also improved the comment function, including the ability to add images. We introduced the waiting list system on the shop, which is now so fundamental to PS products that it’s hard to imagine it’s that recent. And we’re almost ready (four years later!) with the filters on the Lookbook page. 

We’re now repeating the process, and it will be interesting to see how people have changed. How many are using TikTok? How many now subscribe to editorial content, through platforms like Substack? Both the market and the media have evolved. 

We’re also offering the same incentive. Everyone that completes the survey will be entered into a draw, with the winner receiving £500 to spend in the PS shop. 

I would be enormously grateful if you would take 10 minutes to fill it out. 

There are 32 questions, and you can rattle through them pretty quickly – or if you prefer, take your time and leave some very detailed thoughts.

To everyone – whatever your motivation for completing the survey – I would like to repeat my personal, heartfelt thanks.  

You are the reason this site exists, and I am deeply grateful. The survey can be found here and closes in a week. 


Use of data

The data received as part of this survey will only be used by Permanent Style and not communicated to any third parties. 

Aggregated data might be used in public information about Permanent Style – for example, saying in our media pack that the average reader age is 42 – but no individual information.

Email addresses will be used only to enter readers into the £500 draw. They will not be added to any newsletters or subscriptions. 

(Though if you want to sign up to the weekly newsletter, of course, you can do so here)

The results of the first survey were covered in an article here

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