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Adenasoft, a South Korea-based IT/software company, has just announced the launch of ACE, their new SaaS product designed for cryptocurrency exchanges. ACE fully prepares businesses for exchange operations quickly, taking less than a month to get up and running.

ACE offers a comprehensive suite of features that enables crypto exchanges to streamline their operations and provide a seamless user experience. From a fully integrated trading platform to customer management tools, wallet services, custody solutions, and more, ACE provides all the essential functionalities required to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Adenasoft team focused significant effort on designing a platform that delivers a superior user experience, allowing traders to navigate the system effortlessly. ACE can run smoothly on PC, plus mobile apps with both Android and iOS supported. Currently, the white-label solution supports 6 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, and Korean, more will be added in the near future.

Liquidity Managed

To manage liquidity, ACE incorporates built-in liquidity services for a seamless trading experience. Exchanges can focus on growing their business and attracting new users without being worried about or hindered by liquidity constraints.

“We are excited to introduce ACE to the cryptocurrency market. With ACE, we aim to redefine the standards for crypto exchange platforms, offering an all-inclusive solution that combines top-tier UI/UX, essential functionalities, liquidity services, and seamless integration. Most importantly, ACE’s fast and efficient onboarding process allows businesses to be fully prepared to exchange operations in less than a month.”
– Yong Jung, ACE product team leader at Adenasoft

Zero Fee Starting Offer

For a limited time, Adenasoft is offering zero set-up fees for new exchange businesses. This enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to leverage Adenasoft’s technology without the burden of upfront costs.

To learn more about ACE, visit the Adenasoft website.

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