Destiny 2: This version is no longer available error explained and potential fixes

Since most games of today are getting consistent updates, whether that’s to battle bugs, provide new content, or tweak current mechanics, you’ll have to keep an eye out for when they’re pushed live.

This is especially true with Destiny 2 since it is a live service title that receives constant attention from Bungie, alongside a plethora of expansions. With updates though come errors, and while a lot of these can be down to networking like Calabrese, there are others that need more of a deep dive.

The Destiny 2 This version is no longer available error is a prime example, and we’ll explain all below.

Destiny 2 This version is no longer available error explained

The “This version is no longer available” error, as you would expect, is popping up because you are not on the correct version of Destiny 2.

This occurs when Bungie has been working on the game and has either pushed a hotfix, a standard update, or when a new DLC has launched, and the version you have installed doesn’t match the new one that has been made live.

Destiny 2 This version is no longer available error fixes

Your first port of call then is to quit out of the game entirely and update Destiny 2. Hopefully, you will then be on the right version and will be good to go.

If you’re sitting in The Final Shape waiting room since the servers are down, you may have this error popping up. But, this is expected since maintenance is ongoing and the content hasn’t been made live.

If you believe that you have all of the latest updates installed already and are still getting the error, it might be that sadly the servers of the platform you’re playing on hasn’t pushed the ‘actual’ latest version, technically leaving you on an older build.

The ‘fix’ for this is to simply wait, potentially spamming the ‘check for updates’ button on your device to see if you can acquire the most up to date version of Destiny 2.

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