The Difference Between Nose and Mouth Breathing

Okay, we’ve all heard the term “mouth breather” . . . and we know it’s an insult. But, why? What is actually so bad about breathing through your mouth? Actually, a lot.

Recent studies have shown that the way people breathe (through the nose or through the mouth) impacts our health big time. And, from a beauty perspective, how we breathe is essential to all of our goals. 

So, today we’re going to talk all things nasal breathing and why you need to make the continuous switch to breathe through your nose . . . especially at night. Here’s why we need to say bye-bye to mouth breathing:

The Difference Between Nose and Mouth Breathing

There’s obviously two ways we can bring air into our lungs, through the nose or through the mouth. People breathing differently on the surface doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal, but it actually is. Many of us find it pretty easy to breathe through our nose during the day, but at night it’s much harder to keep it up.

The nose’s job is to support the respiratory system. However, your mouth’s job is to support the digestive system. That alone should tell you why it’s important to breathe through your nose over your mouth.

Why is it Important to Breathe Through Your Nose?

When you breathe through your nose, your body produces nitric oxide, which is essential for delivering oxygen to your cells. Mouth breathing doesn’t do this. So, chronic mouth breathing can actually lead to fatigue, stress, and brain fog. 

Plus, the nose filters out allergens and moistens the air for a healthy respiratory system. That means if you breathe through your nose instead of your mouth, that inhaled air does a lot more for you than if you breathe it in through your mouth. As the founder of Jaspr air purifiers says: your nose is one of the best natural air filters you have.

Want to know all the reasons to breathe through our nose? Here you go:

Benefits of Nose Breathing During the Day 

+ Filters the air

+ Humidifies the air

+ Enhances oxygen absorption

+ Reduces the risk of respiratory infections

+ Promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels

+ Helps maintain body temperature

Benefits of Nose Breathing at Night

+ Improves sleep quality

+ Helps prevent snoring

+ Promotes better oxygen absorption

+ Supports overall respiratory health

+ Helps maintain body temperature

+ Promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels

+ Ensures you get the best night’s sleep EVER

Side-Effects of Mouth Breathing 

+ Dry mouth

+ Bad breath

+ Increased risk of dental issues like gum disease

+ Reduced oxygen absorption

+ Less restful sleep and increased risk of snoring

+ More likely to get respiratory infections 

How to Become a Nose Breather 

Practice mindfulness to be aware of breathing habits. 

A good first step is to just try to be mindful of your breathing and correct yourself when you notice yourself breathing through your mouth. You’ll develop that daytime habit, eventually. If this is tough for you, try using mouth tape during the day, as well as at night.  

Try breathing exercises to strengthen your respiratory system. 

Breathing exercises can help you establish a nose breathing habit and reap all the refreshing benefits of nasal breathing. Try box breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and diaphragmatic breathing to start.  You can look up all these techniques and learn how to do them on YouTube.

Practice good posture. 

Crappy posture can block your airway a bit and make it difficult to nose breathe. Make sure you sit up straight and pull your shoulders back to keep your airways open. (Here’s more on getting better posture.)

Stay hydrated. 

Nasal congestion is the enemy of nose breathing. Staying hydrated can prevent your nose from getting plugged up. If your nasal passages stay clear, it’s much easier to keep up your nose breathing habit. So, drink your water. Lauryn’s latest water bottle obsession is this one by Owala. And if you’re super stuffed up, try Michael’s favorite nasal irrigation device.

 Always have a humidifier in your bedroom. 

Drinking lots of water is good, but also get a humidifier (and a TSC diffuser while you’re at it) to further support your respiratory health. Plus, a humidifier is good for your hair and skin, too. 

Use nasal strips at night to improve airflow. 

Like we said, nose breathing at night can be super difficult. A way to make it easier on yourself is by applying nasal strips. No, they’re not cute, but they widen the nasal cavity for better, bigger breaths. These can also help ditch snoring. 

Use mouth tape at night. 

Even with nasal strips, if your habit is to breathe through your mouth . . . you probably will. Your body needs a gentle reminder that the mouth is NOT for breathing. This is where MOUTH TAPE comes in. And, guess what? These ARE cute. 

The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape subscription comes with 30 days of disposable mouth tape strips that help promote nose breathing and reap all the benefits. One side is a peelable adhesive that comfortably sticks to your mouth and gently keeps your mouth closed. The other side is adorable pink fabric in the shape of a luscious pair of lips. Told you. SO CUTE. 

Need help getting started? Here are our mouth taping tips for beginners. Your increased energy, brighter eyes and sculpted jaw will have you addicted in no time. Lauryn cannot sleep one night without it.

Consider seeing a doctor. 

If you’re still struggling after all this to breathe through your nose, consider seeing a doctor. You could have other issues preventing you from mouth breathing that need medical attention. Things like a deviated septum, enlarged adenoids, and sleep apnea can all affect your breathing and your sleep. 

Get it checked out. Get it fixed. You deserve the best night’s sleep EVER. 

Unlock your beauty and wellness potential by nose breathing. 

Who knew something so small could make such a big impact? That’s why we created The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape. It’s a super quick, seamless beauty hack with big time health benefits. If you want to learn more about it, head over to this post.

Do you mouth tape or have any other tips to help be nose breathers and not mouth breathers?

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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