Hezbollah attacks Israel’s Iron Dome using Iranian missile

Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, has reportedly targeted Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system with an Iranian-made missile.

According to Militarniy, a video released by Hezbollah shows the final moments of an Almas anti-tank guided missile striking its target.

The Iron Dome launcher, located near the Israeli town of Ramot Naftali in the northern region of the country, was the reported target. The launcher was positioned approximately four kilometers from the Lebanese border, where the missile is believed to have been fired.


However, there are doubts about the authenticity of the video. Some analysts suggest that the footage may depict a decoy rather than an actual Iron Dome system, citing discrepancies in the hydraulic lift system and the chassis of the launcher, as well as the arrangement of the communication antenna.

No independent verification has been provided to confirm the destruction of a genuine Iron Dome launcher. Crucially, there are no reports of ammunition detonation, which would typically follow a successful strike on the missile launcher’s containers.

Hezbollah, along with Hamas, has targeted Israeli air defense assets for years. This incident, if confirmed, would mark the first publicly known instance of the Iron Dome being hit by such groups. Hezbollah has also reportedly attacked other Israeli military assets, including a communications vehicle and a tactical military truck, using recently acquired missile systems.

The Iron Dome, developed by Israel, is a key component of the nation’s defense infrastructure, designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells. It has been instrumental in protecting civilian areas from frequent rocket attacks, particularly from Gaza. The system’s effectiveness has been widely acknowledged, although this alleged breach underscores the persistent and evolving threat from militant groups.

The Israeli Defense Forces have not yet confirmed the attack or provided further details.

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