Master Your Time and Labor Costs

As a small business owner, your days are full of many tasks—from managing your team to ensuring customer satisfaction. When you’re so busy, it’s easy to lose track of two critical aspects that can make or break your success: time management and labor costs. Let’s dig into some strategies and tools to help unlock your team and business’s full potential.

Take control of your time.

Time management means optimizing your time to achieve your goals. But it can  be daunting when you’re juggling your business, your team, and your life. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. 

What small business owner doesn’t want more time to focus on the important things? 

Homebase helps you work smarter, not harder. Here’s how:

  • Hassle-free scheduling. Create employee work schedules in just a few minutes. Assign roles and schedule based on sales forecasts to optimize your team’s time on the clock.
  • Track time without losing time. Our time clocks give you the confidence of knowing exactly who’s clocking in, when, and where, so you can stay on top of your team’s hours.
  • Power up your team. Track sales against hours worked to streamline your labor costs and make informed business decisions.

Our everything app for hourly teams helps you make the most of your time and your workers. 

Scheduling chaos ends here.

Say goodbye to the chaos of last-minute schedule changes. With our scheduling tool, create schedules within minutes and keep your team  on track.

Homebase simplifies scheduling so you can:

  • Set it and forget it. Templates and auto-scheduling generate your ideal schedule quickly and easily.
  • Avoid conflicts. Automatically incorporate your team’s availability and time-off requests into your schedule.
  • Optimize each shift. Build schedules that align with your sales forecasts and labor targets to maximize efficiency.
  • Empower your team. Post open shifts for team members to claim, giving them more control over their work hours.

Publishing or updating a schedule?Your team is instantly notified via text, email, and the app. 

Plus, Homebase automatically sends shift reminders to team members so everyone is on the same page. You can even add personal notes to shifts with instructions or reminders, so your team knows exactly what to do each day.

Everyone benefits from streamlined scheduling.

Homebase scheduling isn’t just about making your life easier as a business owner— it’s also about empowering your team by creating a transparent, flexible work environment. When you streamline your scheduling, everyone wins.

Your employees can easily access their up-to-date schedule anytime, anywhere, through our free mobile app for iOS and Android. No more confusion or last-minute surprises! Your team will always know when they’re working, who they’re working with, and what’s expected of them.

With Homebase, your team can:

  • Request time off and update their availability directly through the app.
  • Receive instant notifications for schedule changes and shift reminders.
  • Collaborate with coworkers to cover and trade shifts, with your approval.
  • Access important shift notes and instructions, so they’re always prepared.

Labor costs and tracking made easy.

Keeping labor costs under control is crucial for the success of your small business. Build your schedules in line with your sales forecasts and labor targets, and you can make sure your team is always the right size. Plus, with real-time labor cost tracking and overtime alerts, Homebase helps you make informed decisions that boost your bottom line.

You can also:

  • Monitor labor costs. Track your labor expenses as a percentage of sales, ensuring you stay within budget.
  • Adapt to every situation. Make schedule changes anytime, from anywhere, to adjust to your business needs.
  • Stay alert. Receive notifications when workers are late for shifts or approaching overtime, helping you manage costs and maintain compliance.
  • Find coverage fast. Message available team members when you need to fill a shift quickly, so you’re never caught off guard.

Our real-time insights and notifications have helped Charles at Crumble & Whisk stay on top of expenses and have candid conversations with his team:

“I can say, hey, this is what we spent on labor costs last week. This is what we need to spend. We need to really tighten up the budget so that you guys can get proper raises… We can’t use that if we have spent it all on overtime all the time,” Charles explains. “ I was able to cut down a lot of my labor costs.”

With the savings, he’s been able to invest that money back into his business and his team.  

Seamlessly integrate Homebase into your operations.

Introducing Homebase to your team and integration into your business is simple and quick. Our app is designed with your team in mind. With helpful guides, tutorials, and best practices, your team will have all the tools they need to master Homebase in no time.

But don’t just take our word for it: 

“Homebase has been a game-changer for us,” Charles shares. “The platform is just easy to use. It’s very streamlined. Your grandma can use it.” He and his team at Crumble & Whisk have been able to optimize operations, simplify day-to-day work, and take control of time and labor costs.

We do it all, and more.

You don’t have time to waste juggling multiple platforms and transferring data between systems. Homebase is your all-in-one HR and team management app, with tools like:

  • Time clocks: Accurately track worker hours, monitor overtime, and assist with labor law compliance.
  • Payroll: Automate your payroll process, calculate taxes and deductions, and ensure your team is paid accurately and on time.
  • Messaging: Keep your team connected and informed with built-in messaging, shift notes, and real-time updates.
  • Hiring and onboarding: Streamline your hiring process, post job listings, and efficiently onboard new team members.
  • HR and compliance: Get help to stay compliant with labor laws, manage worker documentation, and access helpful HR resources.
  • PTO and time off controls: Easily manage paid time off requests, track accruals, and set up custom policies.
  • POS integration: Integrate with your point-of-sale system for seamless data syncing and insights into labor costs.
  • Employee happiness: Foster a positive work environment, gather team feedback, and recognize top performers.
  • Retention and performance: Track worker retention, identify trends, and optimize your team’s performance.

Join the 100,000+ small businesses that trust Homebase to better manage their teams and the 2.5M hourly workers who use the app. Sign up today and see what time and cost savings you can unlock. 

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