Crypto traders can mitigate risk with PODS’ FUD Vault

The team of Pods recently announced the mainnet launch of its 3rd strategy on Pods Yield: FUD Vault, which now complements ETHphoria and stETHvv.

FUD Vault provides a way for users to benefit from market downturns by offering a mechanism to hedge against significant price drops in ETH while preserving the deposited principal.

Who is this product for?

The FUD Vault is designed for individuals who have uncertainties about the future performance of ETH and want to find a way to potentially profit even when the market is experiencing a downward trend.

By depositing funds into the FUD Vault, users can take advantage of a specific strategy that aims to mitigate the risks associated with a falling market.

Therefore, if you feel uncertain or skeptical about the future performance of ETH and desire a strategy that allows for potential profit-making during market declines, the FUD Vault could be a suitable option.

Product Values

The FUD Vault offers several key values to its users:

  • Simplified Strategy: By consolidating a single strategy into one token, the FUD Vault enhances both DeFi composability and user convenience. Users can easily manage their deposits by transferring them between addresses, utilizing them as collateral on other protocols, and effortlessly verifying their holdings within a specific strategy. The aim is to streamline the user experience and provide a seamless interface for interacting with the vault.
  • Access to Intricate Strategies: With just a single click, users gain access to intricate strategies within the FUD Vault. These strategies are designed to optimize returns and navigate the complexities of the market. By offering these strategies in a user-friendly manner, the vault allows users to benefit from sophisticated investment approaches without needing in-depth knowledge or expertise.
  • Flexible Withdrawal: Users can withdraw their funds from the FUD Vault at any point after the deposit has been processed. This feature ensures that users maintain control over their assets and can access their funds whenever they need them.
  • Transparent Historical Returns: The FUD Vault provides users with a clear display of actual historical returns. This transparency allows users to assess the performance of the vault and make informed decisions about their investments. By presenting accurate and up-to-date information, the vault aims to build trust and confidence among its users.

How FUD Vault Operates

When you deposit USDC the vault immediately invests in Aave. Then, it utilizes the entire lending yield generated by Aave for purchasing ETH put options. These put options have a delta ranging from 0,03-0,12 and a maturity period of one week.

In simple terms, the put options act as a form of insurance against a significant drop in the price of ETH. If the price of ETH decreases by more than 10% within the one-week timeframe, the put options are exercised and the resulting profits are distributed to the depositors of the FUD Vault.


The FUD Vault offers a user-friendly experience, providing convenient deposit management, access to intricate strategies, flexible withdrawal options, and transparent historical return information.

These values ensure that users can easily navigate the vault, make informed decisions, and enjoy the benefits of the platform’s offerings.

About Pods:

Pods make structured products for crypto assets that are easy to use and seamless. Co-founded by Rafaella Baraldo, Robson Silva, and Guilherme Guimarães, the team has developed some of the most innovative and secure tools in DeFi. The success of the products, security audits, and brand efforts, have set a new standard for building DeFi methods in this rapidly expanding sector. Security audits conducted by OpenZeppelin further demonstrate the commitment to safety and reliability. Pods continue to focus on infrastructure and serving professional clients and investors looking to diversify their portfolios.


The vault has undergone four audits by leading audit firms, including OpenZeppelin and ABDK. Audit reports are available at

The open-source contracts can be reviewed at 

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