OMNY Health unveils AI data platform for health tech companies

OMNY Health, which helps hospitals monetize operational data, has launched an AI-powered platform for health technology companies to leverage its data on more than 75 million patients. 

The first two companies to utilize the data are AI-enabled clinical trial design company QuantHealth and life sciences company ArisGlobal.

QuantHealth will add OMNY’s data to its existing AI technology trained on a dataset of 350 million patients. The companies say the collaboration will help QuantHealth’s pharma partners speed up drug development through simulated clinical trials and predict clinical trial outcomes, patient responses and drug efficacy.

ArisGlobal – focused on drug development, safety monitoring and clinical research – will use the technology to mitigate trial risks, identify populations more apt to respond to treatment and improve clinical trial timelines. The company currently offers LifeSphere, a research and development software platform for life sciences companies. 

“Our mission is to free data from silos, allowing it to be shared, analyzed, and morphed into life-saving treatments and better care for patients,” Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health, said in a statement. 

“Life science organizations and providers often struggle with time and budget constraints that hinder their ability to learn from their data. Our work powering AI-driven platforms can unblock this process by partnering with AI developers with data and tools to accelerate breakthrough therapies and monitor new therapies for safety signals to ensure patient populations remain safe.”


ArisGlobal previously partnered with OMNY Health, announcing the launch of a Real-World Data (RWD) data subscription within its LifeSphere Safety platform to transform safety signal validation within a clinical trial earlier this year. 

Last year, OMNY announced a collaboration with data-sharing technology startup Datavant to speed up the delivery of real-world, de-identified data from provider organizations to drug developers and clinical researchers.

The collaboration allows providers to access OMNY’s offerings via Datavant’s platform to turn their EHR data into research-ready datasets. 

QuantHealth has secured funding to enhance its clinical trial-focused platform. Last year, the company raised $15 million in Series A funding and added more investment earlier this year, bringing its total Series A raise to $17 million. 

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