Our Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Summer collection is here!

Justina BlaHey there,  Jungalistas! We’re beyond thrilled to announce our latest Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection, exclusively for Target. This new summer collection brings you a vibrant medley of geometric and botanical motifs that promise to infuse your space with warmth and energy…and did I mention COLOR!?! Iconic palm trees, radiant suns, mystical eyes, protective hands, whimsical birds, and enchanting moons—all ready to bring the summer fun.

 Geo Sun Comforter Set | Icon Yellow Sheet Set | Mild/Wild Pillow Set| Icon/Amber Pillow Set| Hamsa/Icon Pillow Set
An Iconic Summer

Let’s talk about the icons that permeate this collection. Palm trees symbolize peace and eternal life (and my hometown of Los Angeles ;), making them the perfect addition to your tranquil sanctuary. The sun, a powerful emblem of life, growth, and energy, will illuminate your home.  As you may know, I like to add human faces to my sun icons as a representation of the human-nature connection. And even our friend, the snake appears in this collection (on a bath mat that I think you’ll love). The snake– often representing transformation and healing, adds a touch of mystery (and this cutie only costs $20!). These symbols, woven into our designs, are more than just decor, they’re stories and meanings brought to life through color and pattern.

 Teal/Aqua Fringe Sham Set | Printed Floral Quilt Set | Icon Tapestry| Icon Pink Bed Blanket| Yellow Table Lamp| Linaria Chair

It’s a mood

For this collection, we thought a lot about how to transform your bedroom for different moods. For those moments when you’re craving excitement and vibrancy, embrace bold, warm colors and a mix of patterns that will energize your space. Think rich terracotta, fuschia, and golden yellows paired with patterned bedding and reversible pillows to spice things up and reflect your adventurous spirit. On the flip side, when you seek serenity and calm, opt for cool colors and soothing solids. Soft blues, gentle greens, and tranquil neutrals will create a peaceful retreat where you can unwind (it’s mild, but never ever boring.)

 Mild/Wild Pillow Set | Geo Sun Pillow Set | Grow With The Flow Pillow Set| Hamsa/Icon Pillow Set| Icon/Amber Pillow Set| Grey /Tan Striped Pillow Set


So whether you’re feeling wild or mild, this collection has everything you need to tailor your space to your mood (and don’t forget to swap the “wild” pillow for the “mild” one when you’re ready (they come in a 2-piece set, and the mini size is sooooo cute!).

Obsessed with the pattern on this bathrobe and shower curtain. It comes in a blanket too! Explore the entire bath collection!

A FRESH refresh

Like a quick wardrobe change– a new shower curtain and a new top-of-bed situation will instantly refresh your bedroom and bathroom. Some of my favorite pieces from this drop are the luxurious bathrobe, Ethel, (fun fact, the pattern for the robe was inspired by Ethel’s bathrobe from I Love Lucy!) I also love the tapestry blanket that’s as perfect for cozying up as it is for adorning your walls.  For this piece, we pulled in a whole host of our favorite icons that we’ve used in our collections over the past decade to create one seriously iconic pattern (and at $30, this piece is truly a must-have).

Also, our shower curtains, some more monochromatic geometrics and others that bring the color and jungaliciousness, like Limu, pictured above (only $20!–and it comes with the rings!), are some of my favorite designs yet.  And let’s not forget the reversible pillows and the softest towels—each piece designed to bring a burst of summer joy into your home.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new collection:

 Icon Shower Curtain | Geo Sun Comforter Set | Ethel Robe| Yellow Hard Bath Set| 5pk Wash Cloth Set| Hamsa/Icon Pillow Set
 Snake Bath Mat | Thorns Hand Towel Set | Geo Sun Pillow Set| Icon/Amber Pillow Set| Paradise Towel Set| Icon Tapestry


Head over to Target to check out the whole collection. Happy decorating!

Photos by David Tsay for Jungalow
Hair and Makeup by Sole Alberti 

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